Sunday, February 1, 2015

MR Post: Wage Spend and Accomplishments

A post that started out as just trying to figure out what the Crew SC budget might be this year turned into a much bigger one about all spending in MLS. In it I try to tackle what an accomplishment in MLS actually is and (indirectly) how much it might cost to get there.

It was sort of built around a simple chart and didn't focus on the costs of winning trophies, which is where I wanted it to go. But it was turning into an essay and not a blog post. I touched on it though. Here it is again - average yearly salary it takes to win things in MLS - with some of the other values:

7,206,209 : Supporters' Shield Winner
6,000,435 : Supporters' Shield Runner up

3,619,256 : MLS Cup Winner
3,235,449 : MLS Cup Runner up

3,098,664 : Lamar Hunt US Open Cup Winner
4,216,233 : US Open Cup Runner up

That last one for USOC is driven by Seattle winning it three times in last five years and five different teams on the losing side.

Lastly, the most important one, really. How much it takes to win any of the above: $4,794,413. I've got the 2015 Crew SC budget around the $3.9mm level right now.

Anyhow, head on over to Massive Report to check it out.

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