Saturday, February 14, 2015

Major League Soccer Does Not Have a Salary Cap!

Major League Jabba and His Minion, Don Garberhut

Oodles of respect to Mr. Johnson. His insightful graphs, and numbers driven breakdown of MLS, point to ONE thing, over and over.

Major League Soccer is single-entity in name only.

Owners are free to sign and pay, or not sign, gargantuan sums to a select few players of their choosing.

Averaged salary players, who earn a tiny fraction of what the behemothly contracted edifices fill their eighteen jet Jacuzzi tubs with, regularly outperform the monster signings. Subsequent years rarely see the best performers in Major League Soccer re-signed at the aforementioned gargantuan sums.

And, with each word typed, letters, commas, hyphens and periods edge closer to revolting against their use in such a windmill-tilting effort. Yet, if there were not so many windmills dotting the organizational structure of Major League Soccer, there would so much less to tilt toward.

Long live the millions of people, in these United States, who love the greatest sport on earth. They have fallen in love, not with professionals players and their monied bosses, they have fallen in love with the sport itself.  Millions more will follow.

Stop the insulting games. These fingers have written too many posts chronicling the past usefulness of controlling costs in order to nurture the professional version of our sport in the United States. The usefulness of such draconian controls has passed.

Long live soccer! Long live the people's game!

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