Sunday, January 4, 2015

2015 Crew SC Roster, Budget Snapshot

Happy New Year everyone. The gears of the 2015 Crew SC (CCSC) season have no doubt started so here is a quick summary of where the team stands at this very moment.


1. New CBA being negotiated now. The push back from the MLS Players Union is minimal and no work stoppage is expected.

2. Roster sizes are expected to shrink from 30 to 25 players. CCSC currently at 24

3. Cap / Budget limit is expected to land between 3,875,000 (+25% over 2014) and 4,650,000 (+50%). New player salaries are not known but one can reasonably estimate salaries based on available information and league tendencies. CCSC are still under 2014 league budget of $3,100,000 (my estimate: 3,078,000).


2015 Estimated Player Salary -- Name, Age, Birthplace

750k -- Federico Higuain 30 Argentina
380k -- Emanuel Pogatetz 31 Austria
300k -- Michael Parkhurst 30 USA
250k -- Kei Kamara 30 Sierra Leone
180k -- Tony Tchani 25 Cameroon
175k -- Steve Clark 28 USA
160k -- Waylon Francis 24 Costa Rica
160k -- Wil Trapp 21 USA
150k -- Ethan Finlay 24 USA
150k -- Kristinn Steindorsson 24 Iceland
125k -- Ben Swanson 17 USA
100k -- Justin Meram 26 USA
100k -- Mohammed Saeid 24 Sweden
90k -- Tyson Wahl 30 USA
80k -- Hector Jimenez 26 USA
70k -- Ben Speas 23 USA
52k -- Aaron Schoenfeld 24 USA
52k -- Romain Gall 19 France
52k -- Kevan George 24 Tobago
52k -- Chad Barson 23 USA
52k -- Matt Lampson 25 USA
52k -- Brad Stuver 23 USA
52k -- Ben Sweat 23 USA
48k -- Adam Bedell 23 USA

• Median age: 24
• Median Wage: 100k

Further Comments:
Working on surprisingly few unknowns considering the league and players are negotiating a new agreement but there are a few "ifs" here and there.

IF - rosters shrink to 25 then CCSC are fairly set going into the new year. I would expect a few players to be shuffled around in the next two months, though. On that list would be Ben Speas, Chad Barson and possibly Justin Meram and either Brad Stuver or Matt Lampson.

IF - the salary budget number jumps even just the league's normal 5%, CCSC are in really good shape.

IF - the salary budget increased more than 25% then I might be underestimating Finlay and Meram's pay jump.

As things stand right now I don't expect there to be any surprises to the starting lineup. I do think Kristinn Steindorsson was brought on to be CCSC's Left Midfielder if he gets acclimated to the league. I believe Mohammad Saeid was brought on to help bolster the midfield but could become the man to come in for Higuain, bumping Speas down the CM bench or moving him to depth on the wings.

Closing Thoughts:
With the roster above CCSC will enter 2015 in good shape. I wouldn't expect them to finish any lower than 5th in the East or 10th overall in the league. That said, I do not think they are anywhere close to the Supporters' Shield or winning the MLS Cup.

Weaknesses include the lack of a real right wing back and more depth up top in a scoring role - A weakness that was hidden due to spectacular years by Ethan Finlay and Justin Meram. I also think the team is weak at center back. I would expect both starters to miss time to general wear and tear this year and there isn't much behind them so far (or really anything with no Josh Williams or Eric Gehrig). Tyson Wahl is the only option right now *when* one (or both) go down.

The offseason holds a lot of surprises, to be sure. We'll see how things go - but for now, not a bad starting point.


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the Guinness was tasty. Many thanks.

If the Crew, Precourt and Berhalter stun everyone and sign three really good players, a forward, a forward and a central defender, and the roster limit drops to 25, who would you waive?

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