Wednesday, January 14, 2015

A Soccer Quiz and Puzzle

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(Title of long running game show created by Jack Barry)

What professional soccer league, ahem, “directs” certain high profile players to certain teams within the league?

What professional soccer league is in the fastest growing soccer nation in the world?

What professional soccer league forbids moderately wealthy owners from spending, via a salary cap, a few extra hundred thousand dollars on players, while simultaneously affording, via designated player rules, monstrously wealthy owners the opportunity to spend wholly disproportionate sums of money on expensive talent and aging superstars?  

What professional soccer league restricts the number of players in its super draft before the draft ever happens?

What professional soccer league has succeeded despite the deck being stacked against it?

What professional soccer league will never have promotion and relegation, but could easily use promotion and relegation to build a top tier of thirty five or more clubs over the next twenty five years, without ever having to relegate a single club during that twenty five years?

What professional soccer league plays a significant portion of its season while the soccer world focuses on the sports biggest spectacles and soccer’s most famous clubs invade that league’s shores?

What professional soccer league has a significant period of time each summer when its best players leave their teams?

What professional soccer league has given more young Americans a chance to chase their soccer dreams than any other?

What professional soccer leagues' teams have to get the okey-dokey from their league's politbureau before signing a player they believe can help their team’s cause?

What professional soccer league do I support, but hate, but love, but hate?

The puzzle: Brush water on the spaces inside the brackets below to reveal the answer. (Be careful not to drown your computer or smart phone)

(_____) (_____) (_____) 

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