Friday, December 26, 2014

Popular Helltown Posts of 2014

Hope everyone out there had a good year. If not, here's to a better looking one in 2015. While you navigate your way through the end of the holiday season here are some of the more popular posts on Helltown from 2014 (with pen and ink illustrations from the Moleskine of a burnt out ops manager).


Gee, I wish we had one of them doomsday machines
Rick Gethin

"The new owners are not used to losing. They have a history of spending money to field the best team possible. This is starkly at odds with the way MLS is set-up. The salary cap, designated players, etc., are things that we might see leaving the MLS in the not too distant future, due in large part to the influence of these new owners."

New Crew TV Deal, Time Warner
Larry Johnson

"The wrong thing to do is to put up more barriers between you and your customers. On top of that, Cable is a dying industry and some of her last gasps of air are buying rights to live sports. It's surprising to me that this was an option for the Crew."

Win of the Season Hijacked by Supporters
Larry Johnson

"Supporters’ voices are very important to the sport. Right or wrong, good or evil. There is no doubt they are necessary. This particular one though might have had unintended results, however. Be it good will towards an important player in US Soccer history, just showing class or trying to clean up the world view of Columbus, Ohio – the tifo undid just about all of that and shows that supporters are not in lock-step (un-knowingly, it seems) with the winds of change Precourt is trying to introduce."

United States National Soccer Team’s Success Incurably Dependent on the Fusion of Eleven Independent Individuals Functioning as One
Vidda Grubin

"Brazil, for twenty three men, is a dream not far away. Blink and the dream will arrive. But how will it end?"

Steve Clark, A+ Signing
Larry Johnson

"Great distribution, plays Berhalter's system, no personality problems, acts like an adult on the pitch and plays like he wants to be out there. With thin margin for error at the GK spot, Clark is absolutely an A+ signing."

EPL Shoulder Charged MLS off the Ball
Larry Johnson

"Even last offseason the EPL is getting more interest online than MLS regular season in the US. With the increased exposure on NBC it looks like this year, especially in a World Cup year were many EPL players are participating, the top English league will make more gains in the US market while MLS interest drops."

If there is more by Rick or Vidda you would like to read (and I recommend it), best way is to use the Search in the top right nav side of the web version of the this site. Just type in the author's name. Same goes for players / coaches you would like to know more about. Thank you for reading!

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