Friday, September 26, 2014

New MLS Logo Out and About Town

After Major League Soccer (somewhat abruptly) released their logo last week, I've had some time see it outside the gated MLS community in both digital and printed form.

The digital side comes from time playing EA's latest FIFA 15 video game monster. There are a number of changes to that game on the MLS side and the inclusion of the new MLS logo is one of them. From that, I get a pretty good feel for how the new logo will fair on real life kits.

I wrote down some critical initial thoughts last week, but now? Long story short - it seems out of place. That's not that unusual though, their are a number of leagues that feel sort of forced or awkward, but that's also a reason to not change. This new MLS logo now falls in that forced category in the digital world. Not comfortable in her own skin and certainly not particularly noticeable for more more than a shoulder shrug and 'meh' among the thousands of flashing lights in a game like FIFA 15.

[I'm playing a lot of the game right now. More thoughts to come but in the meantime check out my latest here]

Next up is near and dear to me. The printed image. More specifically, the printed image out in the wilds of the sports universe. For this one I'll say it has a similar fate to the digital version. It gets a "what's that" glance than ultimately a shrug and move on.

I'll keep thinking on it but right now I'm finding it to be very disposable. Different. Even neat for a moment, till it fades off into a sea of brand junk.

There is a reason why some of these brands stay the same for so long, even if the image is stale or tired. Ultimately that boring logo earns its keep in familiarity. It might not be the coolest thing ever but people instantly know what it is when they look at it. A useful tool.

This is something the Crew is going through right now as well and I find myself asking the question of whether or not changing it is worth all the hard one familiarity over time.

It's sort of what the old timers say about that old reliable Chevy small block.

It'll run bad longer than most run at all.

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