Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Watch Helltown Play FIFA 15 Tonight (Twitch) [UPDATE]

Watch live video from HelltownBeer on www.twitch.tv
Follow along as I settle in and get familiar with EA's FIFA 15 and the virtual version of the Columbus Crew tonight. Can't promise it will be pretty, but it will be on!

[UPDATE]: All done for the night. Played with the Crew... and without. Important to say; With all the updates EA provides throughout the year, not many surprises on the MLS player rating front. The game is still insanely fun to play, but not a lot different on the pitch from last couple years. That said, there are a few upgraded menu items.

MLSsoccer.com makes an appearance on the menu side, MLS contributor Andrew King has work filling EA menus now, which is... interesting (I'm sure he was informed and get's paid double, har har). EA likes to be a provider of real world content. For those of us that go a ways back it feels strange. Considering what we've seen with the NFL in recent weeks, seems that going with the company line might be the best thing.

More thoughts to come. I'll continue to broadcast for those interested in such things.

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