Thursday, September 25, 2014

"#NEWCREW" Yellow Dot

Yellow Dot
Today we saw the introduction of Yellow Dot.

The Columbus Crew. Columbus Crew FC 96. The MLS outlet in Columbus... (wait). Columbus' MLS team? World's first single entity franchise? Not sure what to call the team anymore. Down is up. Heaven is hell. Everybody is totally, like, "what's going on?". We are all just rudderless fans, writers, journalists, bloggers and / or crazy people right now. Biblical purgatory type stuff now that Yellow Dot has entered our collective conscience.

So many more questions. Do the events of today tell us that the "old" Columbus Crew is dying and a yellow dot grim reaper is on the scene to take it's soul? Does Yellow Dot even believe in the "soul" as we know it in western society? Are we to start the mourning process now? Should there even be a mourning process? Everything is just so sudden.


The Yellow Dot is the design element the Crew is going with to get folks excited about the re-brand.

Sometimes these things hit right, other times they just sort of... happen. This Columbus one is leaning toward the latter. That's certainly not to say it doesn't matter but honestly, in the world of MLS we've seen so many branding changes in recent years. It's become tedious for anyone trying to follow along.

Ultimately, new Crew investor / operator Anthony Precourt bought his right to change this team anyway he sees fit. If "Yellow Dot" is his way of pushing aside 19 years of history just to scribble his name on it... so be it. It's his world now. But let us not let this day go without marking the end of the Crew's direct association with blue collar image. An image hard earned, as represented in the original logo herself. Just as the image of the workers in that logo, they are not important enough to be front and center of anything - even though the do the, uh, Work.

Lay her down easy Yellow Dot. Your dark place in history might be largely forgotten to history - but I'll remember it.

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