Thursday, May 1, 2014

MR Post, Young Trapp Shines

Have been wanting to fit a modern sports story on an old news paper for a while now. Not sure why. Thought about taking a bunch of stories and fitting them on an old Columbus Dispatch layout because I like the layout better and think it works well with the way stories are written now. Which is sort of weird because the current layout of the Dispatch (smaller and in color) doesn't match the content.

I'll go to my grave thinking that papers should have just dropped color to save some money, instead of the smaller format (and putting ads on the front page, damn you USA Today for ruining just about everything).

What do I know, anyhow. Here's my story. Tried to write it like something that might have fit back in 1976. The reason I did it was because it was fun to do.

Here's a link to the post. Hope it makes sense.

Even if it doesn't, the takeaway from it is to know that Wil Trapp is a good player. Like, really good. Not many like him. Not at his age. Some good players in Columbus right now (Higuain, Parkhurst, Clark, Gonzalez, Williams to name a few), but it's special that Trapp is with the Crew right now. He's not fake good. Good, good.

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