Thursday, March 7, 2013

FM 13 Crew Update

Football Manager's recent update included the latest MLS rosters. Below is a screenshot of the club with a few choice categories. It might sound a little strange to use FM to help further understand your club but it really isn't.

Would I do it were I to follow a larger club in a larger league? Probably not because there is so much info out there elsewise. But for MLS? It's a goldmine. These guys that work on this game spend more time on MLS players than MLS does.

Here's the goods on the Crew:

Starting left to right.

No big surprises on the Salary and Value front. It's mostly correct. MLS Players Union officially releases wages in April.

Moving further right are all the traits I think are valuable to Major League Soccer only. 'CAUSE THERE'S SOCCER. THEN THERE IS MAJOR LEAGUE SOCCER.

Agg : Aggression
Bra : Bravery
Cre : Creativity
Tea : Team Work
Wor : Work Rate
Pos : Positioning
Nat : Natural Ability
Str : Strength
Mar : Marking
Tac : Tactical Awareness
Pas : Passing

Click on the image to enlarge. Fun stuff. I'll be putting this club through the paces this weekend. Game theory, y'all. Invaluably undervalued in the real world.

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