Wednesday, July 14, 2010

VG Creation Next Level

EA FIFA 10 is a great game, but FIFA 11 is right around the corner. September 28 to be exact.

This year EA is adding something I've been dreaming about since the internets was around. That is... to create and edit online custom players and teams (with a mouse and keyboard). There is only so many times I can thumb through a virtual keyboard on my TV to enter in Ole Moses, Paul Chewbacca, and William Sasquatch.

Francis Huntington, Larkin Tysor, Breck Smith.

It's just so much easier. EA dipped its toes in it with FIFA 10 and the create a player. But I want more and more is what I'm getting.

Mark Ragase.


Unknown said...

I might just be due for a console. I'm really looking forward to Noyard.

Bleeno said...


Unknown said...

The J: Your thoughts on Henry playing in the MLS?

Larry W Johnson II said...

got tickets for the crew v ny game this weekend just in hope to see him standing on the sidelines. i heard he could play, but probably not. we'll see

Unknown said...

Awesome. I hope/think he'll do better for the MLS than DB did. Unfortunately NY doesn't play DC anymore this season. (I can walk to the stadium, AND saw Mr. Rasmussen there last year). I'd love to go to NY and see a game in the new stadium up there.