Sunday, July 11, 2010

Spain's Team

They all play in Spain, save for one. Pepe Reina plays with Liverpool. Out of the 23 players on the team 15 of them either play for Real Madrid or Barcelona. It's actually pretty remarkable. Germany comes close with 8 players teaming up on Bayern Munich.

The team they are playing today has players scattered all around the world on other teams. Eight of them do play in Holland, but of those only two team up together on Ajax. They actually have more players playing together over on Bayern Munich (4).

So for me, todays game will be interesting in that we have once side full of Spaniards playing in Spain on the same two teams against a Dutch team who have players who have only really come together for the World Cup.

My current addiction to EA's FIFA 10 has shown me that a team that plays longer together and is more familiar with each other wins. At least this year that seems to be the case. Spain and Germany have figured that out it seems. I'm guessing I don't need a video game to tell me that, but it did help me notice it.

I don't expect today's game to be a high scoring affair. However... If it is, say, a 3-2 game? Holland (or Netherlands, whichever you prefer) will win. Low scoring and Barcelona/Real win.

We shall see. It should be a great end to a great World Cup!


Bleeno said...

Torres plays for Liverpool.

Larry W Johnson II said...

got another one wrong as well, fabregas has been playing for arsenal since he was able

Unknown said...

Torres should play in the MLS now that he's a hasbeen.