Saturday, July 24, 2010

Game Review Shake Down

Changed my little Excel sheet that scores my games in my collection. I still have the same categories:

In Game Design
In Game Artwork
Emotional Impact
Package Design
Package Artwork
Historical Significance

The "xFactor" has truly become a x. It is now a multiplier. I've decided that enjoyment of the game should be. It hasn't changed the scores too much (on right), but enough to notice. I taken time of the past three years to review 82 games. On the right side is only a sampling.

The argument to myself for adding the multiplier was that a game should be heavily weighted towards someones enjoyment of it. Great story or design need to come together and form an enjoyable experience. It separates a technically good yet bland game like Banjo Kazooie Nuts and Bolts from a very enjoyable game like TMNT in the arcade (which has more then a few faults, but it crazy fun).

Here are some games that are the lowest on my no fun xFactor scale:

PS2: Prince of Persia: Two Thrones
GEN: Winter Challenge
PS2: Rise of the Kasai
360: Red Faction Guerrilla
360: Table Tennis
360: Madden 09 XX
XBX: The Simpsons Road Rage
360: MLB 2K7
GEN: Mickey Mouse: Castle of Illusion
360: Thrillville
360: Madden 08
SAT: Machine Head

It's interesting to see so many 360 games on there. I think if my PS2 collection were larger I may see more from that platform. Newer games may be at a disadvantage here because of the money ingredient. If I'm paying 60 bucks I expect more, but I do try and look at it that way with other games too. Games during the days of the Genesis were 50 bucks too.

The games on this list are not very fun to me. Doesn't mean they are no fun to everyone though. Hardest one to defend on here is the Simpsons Road Rage. It has all the elements of fun from the Simpsons world, but just isn't fun. Red Faction is also a tough one. I really wanted to like it and enjoy it and there is something in there with destroying structures, but for me, ultimately fell short.

Anyway, off to scour thrift stores today for more!

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i have an original PlayStation if you want it. guessing it works. i'll check.