Tuesday, July 27, 2010

English League Two


Still playing the heck out of FIFA 10 and loving every minute of it. I read a good article over at a site http://www.epltalk.com/ where they go on and on about soccer catching on here in the US. A lot of good responses. Most of which focused on picking some teams to follow. I am happy and surprised to report that I think I have a couple. Getting pretty excited about it.

Stoke City Potters and Northampton Town Cobblers.

The NHT will be more difficult to follow being in League Two, but I'm committed. There are a couple good places to follow teams around the web. One being the team site itself (where there is an video player) and the other that frat house called ESPN. They actually have some up to date stuff on lower leagues. It can be found here. I gotten very familiar with the Cobblers. I unwittingly put them in a huge custom league in FIFA 10. I picked a bunch of random teams from all over the world. I'm something like 40 games in. I don't think I've every played that many games in a sports video game for a very long time. If ever. It is endlessly entertaining with so many teams and different ways to customize leagues. It's one of the only sports games where I actually feel and can see a drastic difference in players ability. Strengths, weaknesses. For example; Seb Harris for Northampton has a nack for getting the ball, just can't control it on the dribble and doesn't have the speed of some of his teammates like Liam Davis. He is also a good shot if he can get is foot on it in the box.

Another good feature in the game is the create a player. While it may only be one you have to build up your skills like a RPG instead of just assigning ratings to them. Never have I been a fan of this in the past but it works very well here.

Anyway, lots of homework to do on both the Premier League and the lower leagues. More then enough information out there to read up on and I need to quick, season starts in a couple weeks!

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