Thursday, March 20, 2008

Red Rings of Death

It happened. After setting up what is only the beginning of a video game shrine, I fire up the 360. Then, out of nowhere my heart drops to the floor and a feeling of fear and disbelief rushes through my soul. The red rings of death. Determined not to let it beat me I start searching for answers. No way was I going to let this beat me, not this day... not any other day. A few days later after tip toeing around the issue I go in for the trouble shoot. Unplug this, disconnect that, wrap towels around this, use soldering iron on that. Clear out this file, delete your profile, empty the cache, take down your firewall on your router.

What the hay man? Is this a console or a PC? It's funny about the towel trick, I mean you'll do anything to get it running again. I think this trick represents the IQ of most console gamers. That's a dig, but I'm one of them. Anyway, don't do that. Think. Is it overheating? Yes? Well, it sucks it does that, but take the necessary measures to make sure she can breathe and stay cool, and for goodness sake, don't leave it on for 48 hours straight, give it a break.

It's funny, I just got finishing reading an article about customer service in Consumer Digest and it mentions how a couple cell companies disconnect (cancel) the heavy users and repeat callers to their technical support and customer service teams. It's cold, I know, but hard to say I blame them. I know first hand that a very small percentage of customers disproportionately cost you. In Microsoft's case I believe they are throwing their hands in the air and just saying, send it back, please, stop being a jackass and just send it back. It probably costs them more in tech support and customer service labor then it does to just give you a brand new machine (It'd be an interesting cost analysis to look over). Personally, I think the problems the Xbox is having is mostly due to the user not caring for there console and therefore the effect is not understanding it... like me I guess.

The fix; stay calm, reconnect your brick making sure the brick and console can stay cool and can breathe in and out. And most importantly, make sure she is hooked up directly to power source that gives her plenty of consistent juice. i.e. one of your wall outlets. Worked for me.

Of course you may have to do all the other things I mentioned above too.

I do have a final quick question for Microsoft "Am I going to have to plan to drop a 220 three phase next to my washer and dryer to play your next console?" sheesh.

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Anonymous said...

goob!!!!!! shops in town fix it!!!!