Saturday, March 15, 2008


Welp, a week has passed since I documented the weather predictions of our local stations... the results are in.

Not pretty, I wonder what an exceptible range is according to industry standards.

ABC6 was 4.8 degrees off every day
NBC4 was 4.75 off
10TV was 5 off

One thing to note is that NBC bumps the heat happiness. They call it too warm. ABC and 10TV call it colder then normal.

Now calling for precipitation is where they hacks are wrong. NBC4?! what? Just don't call for any thing to happen, you'd get it right more.

% of times right:

10TV - 50% right
ABC6 - 33%
NBC4 - 25% (are you kidding me

Conclusion: Yeah, I'm shutting this down. I have lots more data and different ways to look at the data. I mean, it's weather, the one thing I learned from all this is that with so many ways to look at the weather there may be a reason to justify the amount of time it gets on local news. I work in an industry where mountains of data has to be analysed, but it pales in comparison to weather.

What I've confirmed is that they don't get it right on a day to day basis. Even with their daily updates (which puts them off even more). Being off 5 degrees everyday is poor and looking at it again, none of them ever actually called it right any day during the week. ABC was 1 degree off on Wed... almost!!! but you were 9 degrees too warm the day before, too bad. Whatever! Christ! I'm done. May I never think of this again, and now may you always know that there is a 10 degree range when you get the weather.

NBC calling for 45 today? Well, hell that means somewhere between 40 and 50! WEATHER!!!

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