Sunday, March 9, 2008

Columbus Weather Team!

So what's going to happen here is I am going to keep track of the jokers that call themselves weather men and women. Seriously, we had a lot of snow yesterday so the news was on all morning... I think it is normal to take a look at the screen when they say something like ' ok, welp we can expect a big melt over the next few days!!!' Well, after doing that a few times I noticed the figgin' forecast changing just about every time. Not just later down the week, but the next day? Is that a snowflake I see on sunday? That's today. I'll keep an eye out for it. I'm looking forward to the 50's later this week as well. 

NBC 4 here in Columbus has what they call Live Titan Radar (WSI) which is used by CNN, FOX, NBC and Bloomberg TV. It seems as though Jym Ganahl is running the show.

10tv has Chris Bradley the old standby Doppler Radar.

ABC 6 has Jerry Martz and Accu on his side. 

You know looking at these things they don't really vary all that much for the most part, but in a few spots they do. There also is another reason for posting this stuff up... among all the ridiculous things that come with predicting the weather on local news I know that these tv news people are incredibly vain. Let's see if/when they google their names and get this.

Hopefully, I'll have the time to put data coherently into a way that is trackable and fair. We'll see.

Let the games begin.

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