Thursday, April 25, 2024

Top 10: Soccer Viewership YTD

Soccer Viewership Top Ten Games/Events
Date Range: Jan 1 - Apr 21 (2024)
Single Network Ranking

2.30Concacaf Nations LG: Mexico/USMNTUNI
1.57Premier League: Arsenal/Man CityNBC
1.34Liga MX: Chivas/Club AmericaTEL
1.29Premier League: Man City/NewcastleNBC
1.18Premier League: Liverpool/Man UnitedNBC
1.15Premier League: Arsenal/LiverpoolPEACOCK
1.14Premier League: Man City/LiverpoolUSA
1.11UEFA Champ League: Man City/Real MadridCBS
1.10Premier League: Man City/Man UnitedPEACOCK
1.08Premier League: Chelsea/Man CityNBC

1. Manchester City is driving the Premier League up the table this season. The club's quest for another league title is proving that fans love (and "hate watch") a winner.

2. Of important note here - NBC's streaming service Peacock has two games in the top 10 and we are Week 16 2024. 

3. Univision's coverage of Liga MX is almost -20% down YOY which is why you don't see them in the top 10. Expanded to the top 20 and you start seeing a few. The inventory of games is very high and they are in primetime.

4. Going forward we should expect to see Liga MX get a few more games in via playoffs.

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