Monday, October 26, 2020

Aidan Morris, Defensive Energy

In kicking around defensive activity by Crew midfielders I found that Aidan Morris is extremely active around the ball.

When looking at Columbus' deep/defensive mids he not only compares well but leads in a couple key activity categories.

Tackles Won per 90 mins:
3.7 Aidan Morris
2.8 Artur
1.2 Darlington Nagbe
0.5 Fatai Alashe

Interceptions per 90 mins:
1.3 Aidan Morris
1.0 Darlington Nagbe
0.7 Artur
0.3 Fatai Alashe

Recoveries per 90 mins:
9.0 Artur
8.7 Aidan Morris
7.8 Fatai Alashe
7.6 Darlington Nagbe

Morris has proven to be better than 27-year-old Fatai Alashe. Not just when looking at these categories, but when looking at a few more. Passing, notably. Where he has an edge on Alashe, particularly longer balls (but not over Nagbe or Artur).

I'd like to see Morris get a couple more starts. At least get him over 5.0 90s this season. I think there something there with him. More than just another Trapp, I mean. It may be hard if Nagbe and Artur stay healthy, but Porter might want to get a better understanding on the player before the winter break.

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