Sunday, July 24, 2016

Just Act Like You're Up 2-0

Columbus failed to hold onto another lead at home as they settle for a draw against Orlando City 2-2 last night. It's easy to blame it on the patchwork four in the backline, but teams have been slicing through the middle of the field with ease to get there.

If there is one thing lacking from this group, it is the ability to defend in pressure situations. That's as cliche as they come, but it's numero uno on Crew SC list of issues (and it's a long list).

Let's put that aside for a moment, and go bigger picture with something frustrating for fans of competition. For winning and losing. What it use to be all about.

After being at the top last year, Columbus has now been near (or at) the bottom of the standings for the better part of this year. What do these standings mean? Well, it means different things to different people.

Modern sporting competition in the US is born from baseball. Long, meandering, seasons that are about the show more than the substance. Go out, have a good time. Flip on the old TV or mobile device and relax! You've earned it right?

MLS, as the most modern of the "big" leagues in the USA, has taken this to the furthest degree. It's about the show and little else. You would think it'd be difficult to maintain the perception of Show when you dealing with winners and losers, but it's proven to be not as hard as you think.

The secret? Just act like you are still winning. 

Even this morning here in Columbus you see the official site spitting out winner things. "10th goal in 14 games" for Ola Kamara. The return of a great player. Positive play. Sellout Crowd. And my favorite "sealed a point for the Black and Gold at home."

Basically, propaganda to cover up the fact that you are watching a crap soccer team. But again. To how many demographics does that matter too? It matters here at Helltown, but not to the majority that MLS is geared for... Families looking for a night out. Or, college-age fans looking for a good time in the supporters' section.

Columbus is just playing the part. Fine-tuning the art of smoothing over a rough season. Giving you the impression that they are still in it. That they are still winning the next one and that you are watching something special and important.

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Rick Gethin said...

With no real incentive from MLS, there is no urgent impetus to make meaningful change.

Unknown said...

Ya because MLS is responsible for making incentive not the players or coaches....please God not another pro/rel truther.