Saturday, July 16, 2016

Crew SC: WS Rating Update

Change in median WhoScored player ratings year to year for Crew SC players. While it is just one rating system, I think it is representative of the change in results and form from last year.

Anything over a 7.00 on the WS scale means the player is performing pretty well. Players in the 7.25 range are having / had an above average year. Callouts under table...

Player20142015201615-16 Diff% Change
Mohammed Saeid6.416.700.295%
Federico Higuaín7.377.147.250.122%
Justin Meram7.127.257.22-0.030%
Harrison Afful7.247.20-0.05-1%
Tyson Wahl6.887.016.95-0.06-1%
Steve Clark7.267.136.97-0.15-2%
Chad Barson6.846.636.48-0.15-2%
Héctor Jiménez6.796.646.38-0.26-4%
Wil Trapp7.047.156.84-0.31-4%
Tony Tchani7.267.316.92-0.39-5%
Waylon Francis7.047.346.85-0.49-7%
Michael Parkhurst7.047.136.65-0.48-7%
Ethan Finlay7.237.046.49-0.56-8%
Gastón Sauro7.657.04-0.61-8%
Kei Kamara8.097.38-0.72-9%
Ola Kamara6.89
Cristian Martínez6.78
Corey Ashe6.64
Amro Tarek6.19
Dilly Duka6.17
Ben Swanson6.13
Emil Larsen6.05
Rodrigo Saravia6.04
Conor Casey5.61

1. Saeid jump is due to more playing time as a starter. 6.70 is a mediocre score. I like Saeid. If he had an offseason in a CM role, it could work. Haven't seen much from him as an attacking mid, however.

2. Higuain and Meram are extremely valuable to this team. Feather in Meram's cap that he hasn't dipped with all the injuries around him.

3. Trapp's performances are not up to his standard.

4. Finlay has not adjusted to play without Higuain on the pitch. Just not contributing like they need him to. I'd put him back out there when Higuain is healthy. Use him as a sub if a spark is needed till then.

5. Sauro and Kei are the reason's Crew made the final last year. Higuain as well, but those two were in a separate class. Without them, this team is not good.

6. The team needs Higuain back to get consistent results and pull themselves out of last. In order to make the playoffs they need Sauro back with 10 games left.

I like using the median score of a player because it tells me what I'll likely get from the player on any given night. I've been close to these WS ratings for 3 years now, I like them. Not perfect (and don't get hung up on the exact number!), but they do a fine job of painting a picture when used in this way.

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