Sunday, May 10, 2015

So, Like, Seriously, Berhalter, Totally Bitch'n!!

Mr. Precourt, you totally need to sign your coach to a ten year deal. Like, totally ten years. Gregg's, like, so extremely the best coach in the, ehmagawd, the whole United States.

Oh, Mm, Gee! Did you see, like, the bitch'n players he signed last year and the off season? Like, totally, Pogatetz! Seriously, Kamara!? Bitch'n, Saeid!! You must be totally kidding, Francis?!

And, like, style. Seriously, attack. Bitch'n possession and unleashing the hawtest Major League Franchise Players in Meram and Finlay.

So, like, Mr. Precourt, make Mr. Berhalter an offer he can't refuse. Wink, wink. And, totally, seriously, don't let Sunil Gulati anywhere near our bitch'n coach.   


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