Monday, May 25, 2015

Berhalter Results, Game by Game

Testing out a couple things here. Above should be an interactive chart that simply shows each Crew results since the beginning of 2014 (which is when Gregg Berhalter took over managing the team, 47 total games). If things are working correctly, you should be able to hover over and get the +/- of that game.

Not a whole lot of info in there, bare bones really for now. Building up to some better things. Chief among them, this Wednesday and the US Open Cup. Want to have some good interactive goodies there. Keep an eye out!

Here's a chart that shows distribution (below). It's a little confusing on the horizontal axis. That's not that Berhalter's team has won 6 games by +4, that's 6 games by +3.

13 Games: 0-0 Draw
8: +1
4: +2
6: +3

8: -1
7: -2
1: -3

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