Sunday, July 13, 2014

Podcast: Red Cards in Helltown - Episode VII

Rick Gethin and Larry Johnson cover all the latest in this week's podcast.

00:50 SEGMENT 1 - Headlines
• Wrapping up the 2014 World Cup
• Highlights, Costa Rica, Crew players
• USMNT, putting a bow on it
• Klinsmann's future
• Germany / Brazil result, can't just throw players out there
• MLS looking to retain World Cup fans
• Premier League starting back up

19:30 SEGMENT 2 - Columbus Crew
• What has become of the Crew and the season
• Depth, roster issues
• Midfield is a mess, somethings broken
• Where is Alvaro Rey
• [audio] Berhalter post game Red Bull comments
• "Berhalter watch"? What might do him in
• The Parkhurst sub, angry
• Running over near, far term results and metrics

38:22 SEGMENT 3 - World Cup (down on MLS)
• Last World Cup segment :(
• MLS quality discussion
• "the fever" (in 1994)
• DeAndre Yedlin, finding the right aged player
• Being part of a soccer culture

51:30 SEGMENT 4 - Quick Hit, Wrap Up
• Beating up on the Crew lead to beating up on MLS
• Salary Cap talk on leagues in USA
• I ask Rick about shrinking US top division
• ...promotion / relegation can o' worms
• "wanna show me growth, show me increase in salary cap"

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