Thursday, July 31, 2014

Chart: Crew Passing Summary

No question that this year the Columbus Crew have topped the league in passing accuracy and ball possession (which go hand-in-hand because possession is tracked by number of passes and not actual clock time).

If you hover of each circle it should give you individual player minutes (also the size of the circle), % pass accuracy and average passes per game. The black dots are league averages. You'll notice that the Crew have players above most league averages save a few midfielders (Speas, Meram and Finlay slightly below).
Some other callouts; Crew forwards are mostly around league averages here (just that goal getting thing we need to look at). Ultimately, this just shows that most of the Crew players are performing At or Above league averages, with only a few exceptions.

Berhalter has been impressively successful in this category, which is why I'm looking at it here. There is certainly much more to look at when evaluating a individual player but I think most of it starts here for this Crew regime.

Final callout is Wil Trapp. He's the one on the upper right.

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