Sunday, July 27, 2014

Finlay Goal, Crew Win

Ethan Finlay might not of dragged the Columbus Crew to a victory yesterday, but he did score the winning goal in the sucker... Justin Meram's sublime touch (his first of the match, I think) providing the assist. Finlay is in some sort of rare form for a Crew player. Five goals and two assists in less than 800 minutes is some rare territory that I'll have to figure with over the new few days.

In the meantime; Ethan Finlay. A player in full form (he is getting close to league tops in goals plus assists with over 450 minutes played). A rare thing here in Columbus. Soak it in.

NPG+A* per 90 : Name (Team) Minutes
1.18 Clint Dempsey (SEA) 839
1.10 Fabian Espindola (DC) 1,222
1.00 Robbie Keane (LA) 1,439
0.92 Maximiliano Urruti (PDX) 786
0.91 Dominic Oduro (TOR) 494
0.88 Chad Barrett (SEA) 510
0.88 Obafemi Martins (SEA) 1,329
0.85 Kenny Cooper (SEA) 744
0.83 Fanendo Adi (PDX) 647
0.82 Thierry Henry (NY) 1,528
0.82 Joao Plata (RSL) 1,104
0.81 Luke Mulholland (RSL) 995
0.81 Brad Davis (HOU) 890
0.80 Mauro Diaz (DAL) 676
0.79 Ethan Finlay (CREW) 795

* Non-Penalty Goal + Assist

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