Sunday, August 26, 2012

Crew Round 24: Parts > Sum of (Win)

Here's the best I can describe about how I feel towards last night's game. A game where the Crew took on the 2nd worst team in the league and seven goals were scored betwixt them.

READY. Click play on this one... Turn it up!

Now click play on this one... turn it all the way down... Timing isn't critical (heh). GO! Click play now! Go full screen while you at it!

Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends! They're so glad you could attend, come inside (come inside).

There behind a glass is a real blade of grass, be careful as you pass. Move along, Move along.

Come inside the show's about to start, guaranteed to blow your head apart. Rest assured you'll get your money's worth. The greatest show in Heaven, Hell or Earth. You've got to see the show, it's a dynamo. You've got to see the show, it's rock and roll!

Right before your eyes we pull laughter from the skies and he laughs until he cries then he dies then he dies. Come inside the shows about to start. Guaranteed to blow your head apart.

You gotta see the show, it's a dynamo. You gotta see the show. It's rock and roll.


Soon the Argentine in a glaze of Vaseline will perform on guillotine. What a scene! Next upon the stand, will you please extend a hand to "Warzycha's Ragtime Band" Dixieland, Dixieland.


Roll up! Roll up! Roll up! See the show!

Performing on a stool Crew is a sight to make you drool. 11 virgins and a mule. Keep it cool. Keep it cool. We would like it to be known the exhibits that were shown were exclusively OUR own, All our own. All our own.

Come and see the show! Come and see the show! Come and see the show!

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