Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Predictions: Crew v. LA

The Galaxy are in town tonight. Game starts at 7:30 PM Columbus, OH and 6:30 PM in Lombard, ILL.

• Emotional game for folks here in Columbus. This game will be on the NBC Sports Network, which means folks across the nation may be watching. For anyone that may attend; Please be responsible and respectful and look out for one another. Keep that in mind, even when you see that guy in the Beckham Real Madrid shirt.

PREDICTIONS thinks there will be a 3 point result with a slight lean towards the Crew. It also appears that there will be goals in this one. If it's not a 1:0 game this will have 3 goals in it.

The bet aggregate site WinDrawWin sees it the same way. Home team getting the edge followed by Away team win. Tie least likely.

Aaron Katzeman is going with Crew 2:1 over at Massive Report. The fans seem to be optimistic over there as well.

Adam Jardy at the Columbus Dispatch also views this one as a game where someone will be grabbing 3 points. On one hand Jardy thinks; "...the Crew could rise to the occasion and dispatch the defending champions in a night to be remembered." On the other, "the stage could be too much to handle."

Both hands are being rather Shakespearean, though.


Columbus tends to open up at home more than on the road scoring 1.33 per match (good) but allowing 1.22 against (overall the team scores 1.00 and allows 1.05). Contrastingly, LA is fairly even home or away. Lots of goals. 1.71 For and 1.64 Against when away from Home Depot Center.

This is such an emotionally charged game. Columbus will be playing with heavy hearts and LA is making a hard push towards the playoffs. LA are on the proverbial "bubble" but I'm sure their thoughts will be with the Crew as well.

I'm not sure I've ever experienced anything quite like this. I grew up in Northern VA so I'm a Redskins guy and Sean Taylor does come to my mind (2007). I remember how the team won all their games after he passed away, but it came at some cost. It was just such an emotional few months. They charged into the playoffs but I recall the Seattle game were you could tell the players and coaching staff and fans just reached a point where the well was dry. A lot of the staff didn't return for the next year and some of the players went to other teams. Joe Gibbs retired (for the 2nd time) and cited the emotional drain of the '07 season as one of the reasons.

It's a difficult thing to write about, all this. I'm closer to the Crew then the 'Skins these days. There is no right or wrong way to handle things but I hope that the guys are able to go out there and do well and not get too high or too low.

Take it as it comes.

Play like Lions.

Go Crew.

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