Tuesday, January 10, 2012

ROGERS END : Mercurial

Adam Jardy (Dispatch beat writer for the Crew) is reporting that (the impressively named) Robert Hampton Rogers III (The Robbie Rogers) is officially moving off the Crew grid (Leeds United or "ABC"... Anywhere But Columbus).

I don't know who Robbie is. Folks in my adopted and beloved Brewery District / hobnobbery German Village claim to see him skating around (heavily bricked) Short North (how cute:). I'll take their word for it, I've never seen him. Never seen him down on Alum Creek Drive in Obetz near where I work (Artdotcom), either. I guess that's about all I've got on that sort of insider stuff.

At arms length? I can say that he is a positive California kid who embraced Columbus more than the town embraced him back. Which is a shame on a few levels...

Robbie by the Crew nĂºmeros:

5 Years with the team

16th Crew total minutes, all time

14th Crew Assists all time

0.17 Assists per Game (meh, pretty good)

0.14 Goals per Game (up there for Mid)

I rate Robbie's 2008 season as the 10th best all time by a Crew player. I also rate him in the top 20 OVERALL in all time Crew greats.

Rogers is about as true a 'winger' as you might get in Major League Soccer. It sort of a shame he is leaving now that the team has a couple more targets in the middle to play with (Mirosevic, Vargas, Heinemann, Speas).

In case anyone is wondering, below are the top 10 Crew seasons by player:

2001 : John Wilmar Perez
2001 : Brian Maisonneuve
2008 : Alejandro Moreno
2008 : Guillermo Barros Schelotto
2008 : Brian Carroll
2010 : Guillermo Barros Schelotto
2008 : Chad Marshall
2001 : Jeff Cunningham
1998 : Stern John
2008 : Robbie Rogers

As a guy who moved to town around the same time he did... I wish the best to Robbie in the homecountry - or where ever he may land.

Cheers, and here's to Crew fans who will tell stories of 'remember when'.

Adam Jardy is working hard for the Crew.

Rogers End. Howards End.


Larry W Johnson II said...

and... it only took a few moments for a Leeds site to report that Robbie is a United man. An American at Leeds. Go figure. Go Robbie, Go.

Bleeno said...

and leeds united has a big rivalry with man united... maybe robbie will get a chance to stick it to the devils one day. also, have you ever seen the movie The Damned United? about Brian Clough and Don Revie and Leeds and football and England and love and life and bits and bobs and so forth. a solid B rating from Bleeno. right up your alley.

Larry W Johnson II said...

'B' is a must buy! just read that tom hooper directed, guy is on his game