Wednesday, January 25, 2012

USL Pro Guys, Super! (Part II, Oohhlaaoohh)

16 days ago I spent some quality time with the USL Pro players I found to be of pretty high prospect based on my very own qualitative statistical maths (that may or may not have been aided by a cheap Costa Rican beer that may or may not be foretelling of the yet to arrive, Columbus Crew forward, G-Olman Vargas).

I'm following up on this stuff because I mean it... here's a video from the coolest year ever (1983) to entertain whilst reading...

With that said *deep breath*

I bring news! Of an updaaaated list!! Now... we ride!!!

01 : Luke Mulholland, 23 ATT MID (England)
Signed with Rowdies (NASL)

02 : Jhonny Arteaga, 25 F (Colombia)
Trying out with NY Red Bulls. Chances of signing are good there. Again... Crew took a look at him last year... deserves better than that dysfunctional afterthought in NY.

03 : Matthew Delic√Ęte, 29 F (Wales)
Richmond Kickers have him on the roster. What'd I'd give for him to be on the Crew roster. Here... I'll sing a song about it. Oohhlaaoooh eeehaaaboolalala.

04 : Jorge Ivan Becerra, 27 D (Mexico)
Still listed with the Wilmington Hammerheads.

05 : Henry Kalungi, 24 D (Uganda)
On loan with club called Proline FC in Uganda, will return to Richmond 2012.

06 : Rob Valentino, 25 D (USA)
Looks like he'll be with Orlando again this year (USL Pro).

07 : Paul Nicholson, 25 CDM, (England)
Wilmington Hammerheads again looks like. Want to catch a Hammerheads game this year. The seem to have a strong backline made up of 3 Brits and a Scot.

08 : Sainey Touray, 21 (Gambia)
With Harrisonburg at the moment. His production and age say he should be on the move. No news.

Other guys... Andriy Budnyi, still listed as a Hammerhead. Jose Angulo, is trying out with the Red Bulls, Tadeu Souza Terra is in Findland now with MYPA (Veikkausliiga).

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