Sunday, March 6, 2011

XI. Only Interesting to Me

1. Dirk Kuyt!

Takes down Manchester United. Liverpool was dominate most of the game and Nani is a punk. It's pretty amazing when Liverpool decides to put on the pressure. The game was played in Man U's half most of the game.

2. Update on The Jimmer

Still doing his thing. The powers that be at BYU suspended his go too guy last week for premarital sex though. Being that the team is mostly just Jimmer... they will do just fine.

2a. BYU got lots of respect for the suspension of Davies from the media. I saw that they let him cut down part of the net after winning the conference, but he will have such a hard time recovering from this. It was interesting to see the story develop in the news. It went from "BYU gains respect" to "Davies suspended for "relations"" to "What is the BYU Honor Code" to "The honor code includes whaaaa and comes from whaaaa?" to, well, where we are now. Which is; just drop the whole thing.

3. MK Dons FC logo sucks.

Played this team in my career stuff in FIFA. I wanted to beat the snot out of them because of their logo.

4. 45 degrees yesterday.

Snow and ice this morning. OHIO.

5. Dang it Stoke

Are you going for the FA cup and only the Cup? You need to be careful. You aren't that far from the bottom. Snap out of it! You are making me nervous. The way you are playing right now makes me believe that you have no business in the EPL.

So there.

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Bleeno said...

if it makes you feel any better West Ham beat Liverpool last week 3-1. they are on a tear. and Ba was obviously a great signing for them.