Sunday, March 20, 2011

2011 Auto Show

Took my time this year pacing around the best new car lot I can find. Lots of good cars. Too many Camaros there. Made it seem cheap. Maybe that was on purpose. It was interesting to see how many kids were over there playing on them like a jungle gym.

Best cars of the show? Keep in mind this is just kicking tires and observing design.

Mazda 6
Kia Koup
Buick Regal
Lincoln MK S

I was impressed with the Kia Forte Koup. I fit in it better then the other cars on my list. Just that little fact is a big deal for me. My 6'5" frame eliminates a lot of cars from contention. I don't get how tiny and cramped the Caddilac interiors are. Same goes with Fords, save for the Taurus.

Over all the VW CC was the best car there, for me at least.

If I were in the market for a new car it would be the Forte Koup. Inexpensive. Really inexpensive (19k with everything).

Now for who stunk. Toyota, boring and cheap looking. Hyundia, tired and even cheaper looking then Toyota.

How was Chevy and Ford? Okay. Ford has better looking cars though. The Malibu hurts the Chevy line up. Cruze actually helps it. Who the heck would ever buy a Malibu. It's in no man's land. Literally. Nobody was looking at it.

Folks were looking at the Volt. I put a side by side image up there with Honda's CR-Z. It's amazing how many tacked on design frills the Volt has. CR-Z is a good looking car.

Finally... Chrysler. Oh boy. I was excited to see the 200. You know the one featured in the commercial I liked so much? They had five there. 5! I couldn't fit in any of them. It's not a bad looking car, but it pisses me off it's made for someone the size of a rap star. The front end is also a rip off of years old Hyundai's. There it was though. The Challenger was missing. Sorry Chrysler.

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