Tuesday, March 1, 2011

NHT Cobblers (the not real one)

In deep with the "Career Mode" for FIFA. I know reading about this sort of thing is about as exciting as reading about someones fantasy football league so I'll keep it short.

I committed to taking Northampton from nPower League 2 to the top, baby. I've already taken them out of League 2 by taking the top spot and am currently 7 games into League 1. At the top again right now with three pick ups from the Bundesliga (lower division). I pulled off the J. Paint Trophy my first season as well (lost bad in both the League Cup and FA).


Bleeno said...

started a tournament with Morecambe. very difficult to score. haven't won a game yet. lost a couple. mostly 0-0 draws. so. at least, i'm keeping some clean sheets.

Larry W Johnson II said...

morecambe is a tough one. some of the wood family comes from hertfordshire (few miles north of London) maybe stevenage is your team! also got some folks up in leicester just north of kettering... our ancestry from the same shire? northampton? go figure.