Thursday, October 14, 2010

EPL Talk; Not to be Mean

But the readers and gamers of your site choose the following teams in the FIFA 11 League:

Manchester City: 8 ppl
Liverpool: 4
Chelsea: 4
Tottingham: 4
Manchester United: 4
The rest of us: 6

Where is the diversity of teams man?! Eight players with Man City?! 1/3 of the league??

It's a game, yeah I know. Most football/soccer die hards are probably not playing. I don't know. It's a little discouraging. As a (new) fan of Premier League soccer I couldn't imagine playing as a bunch of hired guns, even if it means a win as meaningless as a video game online league. When I was in England I found so many passionate fans supporting their local team... Good or bad. I don't know. Maybe I expected more from what I thought this EPL website has. I kinda respected what some of the folks had to say.

I'm a stickler for passionate fans. Soccer I thought was about "z-passion". Not a transparent bunch of Americans posing as "real" Barclay's Anglophiles. But as it turns out it's the same kinda people that go to a Columbus Crew game wearing an Barcelona jersey. Soccer and EPLtalk in America has a ways to go, man. I don't think I'd say this if I didn't notice a lot of the people playing in the league were people posting comments often. Anywho.

Maybe it's just to much of a "my home town team is better then your home team thing". Maybe I need to get on to the bandwagon of just playing with the best players, I mean, "team" and shut up and have some fun.

Maybe I'm tired of loosing to Manchester City. But I thought was more then what I'm getting with FIFA 11. But it isn't.

Man, I'm a sore looser.


Bleeno said...

man city is a fun team to play with right now, certainly. so is Chelsea. probably much easier to keep and recover the ball with those two. those playing with Liverpool must be die hards. cause they are not very strong.
but people like to win. what are you gonna do? i am sure that there are plenty of Blackburn and Blackpool and Wigan fans that are choosing to play with City and Chelsea. same reason that they'll play with Brazil or Spain even though they are English or Swiss. they get a win. they get happy. but you. if you can take them down as Stoke, you've earned it, right? Helltown Forever!

Larry W Johnson II said...

i have to admit... a win by stoke is worth about 10 with man city. liverpool is pretty dang (frustratingly) good in FIFA 11 but me thinks, yeah, you would have to be a diehard fan to stick with them. helltown!