Thursday, January 14, 2010

Rock Band Challenge

I've spent a more then a few hours over the last week or so playing Rock Band 2. Here are some songs I enjoy playing the drums to - and my score (drums only, hard or expert):

Interpol: PDA 150,225

The Cars: All I've got Tonight 151,800

The Killers: Spaceman 114,150

Boston: Peace of Mind 183,900

Sonic Youth: Teen Age Riot (haven't finished on hard, I stink)

Not sure why I feel the need to post this on other then I just continue to like playing the game. These songs are a blast to play but also just pretty good songs, but don't quote me on that. One of my most favorite things is to play this game... pounding on the drums, singing my lungs out with Buttercup on the guitar when it is about 2 degrees outside in the middle of winter. I mean, I could add Under Pressure by Queen on here or Fat Bottom Girls. Have you ever walked onto a manufacturing production floor, equipment blaring, tools turning, people shouting and heard Fat Bottom Girls playing on some radio in the corner? No? Well, it's something to behold. Something indeed.

I'll remember that for my memoirs. Wait, this is my memoirs.
Buttercup! Stand still so people can see you.

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