Sunday, January 10, 2010

Helvetica and Up for Grabs

Finally got some time off (like, a day) and was able to sit back and watch a couple documentaries.

First up was Helvetica A Documentary by Gary Hustwit. I tend to think, or like to think, that I'm never too far away from design in my life. But this movie reminds me of just how far I am away from it. The way a graphic artist or designer has to think is almost completely foreign to me at this point and this movie drove that home.

Helvetica is an interesting movie about the font, plain and simple (like the font!). But the people they talk to have great things to say, not just about Helvetica, but about design in general.

Next up is Up for Grabs. This was a more straight forward doc about Barry Bonds 73rd home run. I heard at one point that the ball fell into court so this looked interesting to me as I didn't know how it ulitimatedly ended up in the hands of comic book legend Todd McFarlane. The story up to the point where it got into his hands is horrific and hysterical at the same time. Very fitting subplot to the Barry Bonds legacy.

Here's a pretty good brief on the movie. HERE.

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