Monday, January 18, 2010

Auto : Looking at What's Coming

So I've got today (mostly) off work. Whilst laundry is going I'm tooling around looking at what GM has got in the oven for us coming down the road. I've never purchased a brand new General Motors car. I've had a few, but never new. I don't know anyone who has purchased a new GM, nor have can I recall if I have even seen a new one on the road, save for the new Camaro.

It's safe to say I'm a bit behind in what interiors feel like. I've been to the Columbus Auto Show every year for the past few, I guess. Exteriors are easy, you can look at them and make a determination on if you like them or not. Interiors are different. They have to be functional above anything else. I can look at an interior in photos and not have the slightest idea on if they are good or not because, mainly, the photos are usually with the side of the car or the roof stripped off.

What I'm getting at is the following: Interiors for new GM vehicles are changing radically and I feel as if they are including useless functions. Call me old or whatever, but what the heck is going on with the GMC Granite's interior? It's more of a command center for the FAA then a car dash. And the plastic bar in the middle of the bucket seat, what the bunghole is that? It's a slippery slope to climb when software is improving at an exponential rate. Once this car is a few years old the value of it will be even less.

I guess I understand you want to make a good first impression with a new car, especially at car shows, but I think they have just gone too far. Right? Am I wrong to think that GM must have too many designers with too much time?

Anyway, I went over the the official GMC Granite website to see what they had there. Maybe they would explain themselves. Turns out they do. Below is straight from the site. They listed their inspiration (prepare yourself):

1. BLOCKS-Clean, simple, solid, versatile and functional. And just so addictive to play with.

2. PINEWOOD DERBY-What makes Pinewood Derby so much fun is customizing it. Racing them is fun too, but it's really about making them your own.

3. LUCHADOR MASKS-Mysterious. Hilarious.

4. RUNNING SHOES-Nothing combines design, durability, style and functionality better then today's running shoes.

5. BULL DOG-Strong, sturdy, and so tough.

6. CONTEMPORARY ARCHITECTURE-Showing how beautiful function can be.

To start with Bull Dog is one word. Bulldog. Secondly, well, jeeze... I just can't find the words. I get where they are going with it describing inspiration for some of the aspects of the car but I tend to think this the sort of stuff that would be discussed in my middle school art class. In fact I think it would get a failing grade if I listed it because it is so incomplete. Contemporary architecture can mean just about anything. I know they don't have to explain everything, but if they are going to put it out there over and above engineering (Professional Grade) then maybe they should. Why would they put that out there when no one will buy the car based those points? I think the only thing they forgot was:

7. BASKETBALL-Because it totally rulz.

Doesn't #6 cancel out #4? Wait, maybe if I think of it as having all these things then I would be satisfied as a human being. I find the inclusion of the Bulldog interesting. I would have thought it good to list a bulldog as THE inspiration, but listing it with the other things makes little sense. Is the bulldog suppose to be the engine and the shoes the interior? Does every aspect of the vehicle have a dash of all six items?

Looking at my desk here right in front of me I'll see if it stands up to what they list. Hey, why not? maybe I could design something as awesome as the Granite? Here goes:

1. MOUNTAIN DEW CAN-The throw back can. Ya-hooo! Real sugar. The real deal is always better.

2. SHARPIE PEN-Because when you say it with a Sharpie, it means something.

3. PIECE OF YELLOW NOTEPAD PAPER-Cause you have to have something to write on with that Sharpie

4. BLANK CDS-Music is just so essential.

5. COLUMBUS BREWING PALE ALE-Micro brews give you something to think about. And you'll need a few when reading this post.

6. GOOGLE ANDROID PHONE-It's a reminder of how rad technology is these days and it's just as fun as blocks.
Pretty good eh? I wonder what kind of awesome car would come out of that inspiration? Something mind blowing I'm sure.

As an added note, I notice that right below this are pictures of my z28. Me thinks that came out of a bit of my inspiration list. Just replace the micro beer with Beast Light and you are there. In fact the list would have gone 1-6 with that.

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