Sunday, June 21, 2009

Noise About Automobiles

For posterity and before I completely forget, I am going to list out all the cars I've (partially) owned. In my lifetime I've purchased two cars by myself (well, one and a half). I've had hand me downs, cars on lone while mine was getting worked on, one donated from a church to me, one lost in a divorce, one loaned for the summer, I could go on. But without further ado... here we go:

1. 1984 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme.

I got this from my parents when I was around 17 years old. It took me through most of my college days. Good car and worth more then you think now out here in the mid-west. The fall came when I obliterated a deer one very early morning. It lasted for a time after that, but she was never the same. Eventually the timing went out and she got put out to pasture.

2. 1987 Pontiac Fiero.

This car was on loan to me for one summer between my senior year of high school and freshman year of college. I drove it once on a long trip to the beach. On the way down I stopped at a gas station and was pumping gas when another guy there calmly stated, "you're engine is on fire". Sure enough it was. The station attendant put the fire out and I continued on. There was no fall with this car, it went back to it's owner.

3. 1978 Monte Carlo

I had this beast for a little while after the Olds went bye-bye. I got it from my grandfather. I had the choice of this or a El Camino. I don't know where the Camino went (wish I had either of these at this point). The Monte Carlo was beautiful. It had a coolant issue and a bad thermostat. But it was fixed and eventually given to my bother. He drove it all through college at UVA where it gain quite the reputation. After much leaking and minor issues my brother moved on to buying a Chevy Malibu. The Monte Carlo sat at my parents for years until recently my dad donated it to the Salvation Army.

4. 1979 Mercedes 280 E Class.

My father purchased this car for $850 from an older lady. I wound up with it somehow for a short time. Best car I ever had? Maybe. She drove like a tank but could pass any car between 60 and 80 like nobodies business. I loved this car but I killed it. She had a leak in the radiator and she over heated and the engine froze up.

5. 1988 Honda Civic.

This little hatchback deserves the title of the worst car I ever had. It ran alright at first. It was donated to my fathers church and he passed it on to me. The civic pretty much died after a long trip with my mother, brother, and a friend on a trip down to another friends wedding in Florida. Hundreds of miles with four passengers did her in.

6. 1994 Dodge Intrepid.

My first car! I purchased this down in Coats, NC. I'll never forget the experience I had buying it. She ran well for the four years I spent (painfully) paying it off. The month I paid it off the PCM board failed and I spent nearly $2500 trying to fix it. The steering column eventually bent and she became un-drivable. I gave her away to one of the greatest men I know, he fixed and and after that and she kept going strong. I she still out there??

7. 2004 Oldsmobile Aurora.

The muscle car for the 21st century. Now hold on a second... I know She was a 5.0 L V8 and I know that She was a 2004. I know that she was the 2nd to last production model Oldsmobile coming off the line in April 2004 (the Alero was stopped a month after). I can't find her on the web. This is getting interesting. I know she was unique because of her year. She also didn't have a front hood ornament. I can't find a 5.O online. I'll keep looking. Did I have something unique here? Anyway, life circumstances forced me to get rid of her. She did start having numerous electrical problems and was very expensive to maintain (low profile, $300 tires anybody?).

8. 2003 Honda Accord.

My current car. My coupe. My daily driver. She's got a V6 that gives me 240 HP. Pretty potent for a smaller car. She also boasts a sporty, more rounded shape. She is still valued at around $13,000. Not much less then I paid for her a few years back. Pretty amazing. Honda made a quality car here. I've been washing here and maintaining her diligently here recently with the idea of a possible trade in for another car and get better financing. It is a possibility. But until then I am very, very satisfied with this car.

So there it is. All my rides.

Some Notes:

Five of the eight have come out of Detroit, which really means nothing I guess cause they where older. However, two (out of three) of the ones I have a direct hand in picking where later models out of Detroit. The Honda I drive was manufactured up the road in Marysville, Ohio. No Fords on my list.

The satisfying car I have ever driven is the 2004 Olds, I wish I still had her. The overall best car I've ever owned is my Accord.

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