Monday, June 29, 2009


As I do tend to wander here on my online journal and post all to many videos (doesn't work well with publishing sites like Blurb). I'm still dedicated to the idea that writing things down will be something I look on decades from now as a thing I'm glad I did.

I'm a little over two years on now (started June 2007) and extremely happy about starting this. I like to think of it as writing about things going on that often get forgotten do to time. In the same overt vain as "life is what happens when you are busy making other plans".

I'm saying some of this because I am applying for a place with the organization called "Sons of the American Revolution". My father and a family friend have been organizing officially family documents to create a direct link to a family member who fought in the war. They have compiled documents all the way back to Abel Johnson born 1757. The real stuff, handwritten sometimes and testimonies from his children claiming he was in fact in the war. I think this was to get pension given to relatives after the war. They are a fascinating read. Hey! maybe I'm entitled to the 20 shillings a year.

I'll probably be posting some pretty boring stuff here soon about it, but before I get to that I have discovered some interesting factoids.

1. I am the first Johnson in Abel's line to be born outside of, not just NC, but Harnett, Pitt or Johnston Counties. 80% of them being born in Johnston Co.

2. Only three times since Able has a Johnson not married another Johnson. Two of those times were my father and grand father. In 1856 Amos Greene Johnson, my grand fathers great great grandfather (who fought in the War Against Northern Aggression) married a Sutton. If that sounds weird (or worse) join the club. Either way what happened happened. The fact is that there are so many intersecting trees make up what we are today... that said though, my brother and I have known this for some time. In fact he nearly lost his mind researching that family tree. Think about it.

And, yes, we have counted our toes. Our sanity? that's another matter.

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