Monday, June 1, 2009

I Believe, GM

I believe we can make an automobile in the United States.

I believe we can make it something the world wants because they will have a custom hand in what they order.

I believe that with the promise of a quality product, you deliver a quality product.

I believe that we can make this product as fast as they are ordered and get them to the customer within three to five days of purchase. No massive inventories of finished product. No unnecessary labor and materials put into finished goods that will sit on a lot and depreciate and cost money to store.

I believe we can retool many of our current manufacturing facilities to create this product.

I believe we can keep raw material inventory low and replenish it when demand dictates.

I believe that the labor cost can be managed with good wages and retail kept low with this product.

I believe employees will be proud and motivated of the product they make because the will help in the continuous improvement of production and product.

I believe that good companies are ran autonomously. With high regard and respect for all employees.

I believe that leadership is not a birthright. They are made through hard goddamn effort, just like everything else good in this country.

I believe that our government should stand aside and support, not finance and police, what I believe.

I believe that demand for your product should be your forecasting model and sales history only a compass.

I believe manufacturing your product on the other side of the globe is a colossal mistake.

I believe that the United States should lead through innovation, design, openness, and hard work. Not through fear.

I believe misguided, disconnected and off the mark political wrangling/suggestions are damaging, divisive, unnecessary, and counterproductive.

I believe we have the people in this country that can make this happen.

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