Sunday, March 29, 2009

Columbus Crew: Opening Home Game

Verses. Toronto Football Club. Or FC. Or Reds. Or Ultra. Or whatever the feisty Canadian crowd wanted to call them. I don't want to question them because the were the rudest bunch of fans I have ever witnessed at a professional sporting event. At halftime I went over to get a beer behind a couple of them. They would order one, then promptly drink it and order another right then and there (at $9 a pop). There were a reported 1,500 of them there. The brochure said "FC" so we will go with that.

The Crew fans, not to be out done, popped yellow colored smoke and tossed glitter onto the pitch. The wind was against them however so the glitter would just blow back into them. At one point in the game I saw the entire bag of glitter get thrown at a Toronto player. I'm assuming this was just done out of frustration with the wind. I feel like they didn't want to be out done by the 'Crazy Canadians' being awarded for their fanaticism at this game for winning the 'Supporters' Trophy' during last years championship winning year.

The game ended in a tie. The Crew scored off a penalty kick and Toronto scored off an own goal mistake by the Crew. I felt like I was watching a high school game.

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