Monday, March 9, 2009

2K Nightmare

Nightmare, I tell you honestly. Not a nightmare I had yesterday or even last year. But two (count them, two!) years ago with Major League Baseball 2k7. I don't understand how, in this time and age, a console game can so riddled with bugs. Well, at least, that's what I thought two years ago with 2K7. I adore baseball. I have a romantic attachment to it. The history, the feeling I get at a ballpark, the flow of a (minor league) game.

Sal Palaontonio wrote a book recently call "How Football explains America". It's a book that is near and dear. But what he explains is how an "At War" America is like football. At least in my opinion. Don't take this the wrong way. I think football does explain America. I love watching football. There is so much to that sport it takes an encyclopedia to explain it... and then some. But; Baseball.

Baseball is a reflection, as a game, of what is good about America. It's about 162 games a year. It's about facing another man, eye to eye, and trying to out do him. Both physically and mentally, with precision not brute force. It's about the long term, not a single game. No two minute drills to win the big one... but a two year drill to help get your team in to position to win. It's both a team sport and an individual one if you look at it play by play. But look at a guys career and it is about his teammates he played with. Because of the nature of the game it allows players to have off days, on days... and days of just being average. Just like every American has to do in there day to day life.

So where does this leave me with video game baseball? Nowhere. I don't own a PS3. I can't play "The Show" which is been proven to be superior to the only baseball game on xbox made by 2K. I figured I might be able to get my baseball fix with the latest version... naively thinking that the franchise mode two years after the last game I played was fixed. But alas, it has not.

How a company can get away without making a game you can save is beyond me. I love baseball. I want to buy a game. But I have no way of getting a good one? This is America for cripes sake!

Two other blogs I read on a regular basis both talk about this. One at great length and another in passing.

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