Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Survey Post Mystery

An answered survey...

My Name: that's just plain personal
Who is the love of my life: should be 'are' and a plural subject... your children
Where did we meet: not sure we really have yet
Take a stab at my middle name: could i make it a nickname like cause i don't stab
How long have you known me: plus or minus 5% of your life
When is the last time that we saw each other: less then 5%
Do I smoke: yep
Do I drink: (yawn)
When is my birthday: everyday!
What was your first impression upon meeting me: i do a good ben afleck impression, i must have done that one
Do I have any siblings: you ever think about where the word siblings comes from? weird. and yes, you do.
What's one of my favorite things to do: post surveys
Am I funny: yes
What's my favorite type of music: 
What is the best feature about me: i think it is your smile, but it is hard to find. What's that? been told that one? well... i like your shadow, the real type, that is made by the sun and not artificial lights. that is a good feature.
Am I shy or outgoing: you want to be both, but you are neither
Am I a rebel or do I follow the rules: define rebel and please tell me the rules
Do I have any special talents: would i be writing this if you didn't?
Would you consider me a friend/good friend: let's talk about that one
Would you call me preppy, average, sporty, punk, hippie, glam, nerdy, snobby, or something else: honest with out trying to be, grounded without knowing it, reserved but not trying to be, clam but feel spastic
What is a memory we have once had: i like the idea of sharing a memory that expires
Have you ever hugged me: nope
Do you miss me... do you think i miss you: of course and no
What is my favorite food: 
Have you ever had a crush on me: you first
If there was one good nickname for me, what would it be: 
What's your favorite memory of me: again with memory... i have them, memories
Who do I like right now: explain the word like and it's meaning
What is my worst habit:
I you and I were stranded on a desert island, what one thing would I bring: nothing
Are we friends:

So there it is. I guess on the surface it means very little and I didn't even answer all the questions. Heck, the person that posted it will never see this. But as I said, there it is.

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