Sunday, February 17, 2008

Great Lakes Brewing Co.

Not all is amiss in Cleveland. Great Lakes Brewing Co. makes a few great beers. First let me say that putting a picture of the metal you won on your beer label is either idiotic or stroke of whatever. Bottom line is the taste and in taste is succeeds. Right now I'm enjoying the Dormunder Gold. Obviously a German style beer, being named after a town there. It is close to a Pilsner. I'm snacking on Gloucester with Stilton and Colburn cheese depending on what type of GL beer I'm drinking at the moment; which now would be the Edmond Fitzgerald. The best thing about this flavor is the name. Come to find out the Fitzgerald was a ship that sank. Cleveland rocks. Prolly the better tasting as of right now between the two I have mentioned. Sharp, with a honest to goodness coffee flavor. Believe it or not I would prefer this over a Rogue. However, since I am going through a few of these, the one pictured is the Dormunder.

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