Saturday, March 30, 2024

Soccer Viewership Leaderboard, 2024 Q1 (ish)

Removed are international events, so this is league competitions only. Single network. 

It is an average of Nielsen's reported viewership.

Highlighted in black are things topping 600k, a number that I believe is "good enough" in the sports viewership world. 300s and below is more or less content fodder or support programming for another network.

Notes below table.

NumberLeague EventNetwork
1,044Premier LeaguePEACOCK
901Premier LeagueNBC
818Liga MXTEL
712Liga MXUNI
529Premier League (Studio)NBC
394Premier LeagueUSA
373Liga MX (Studio)UNI
329Major League SoccerFOX
234Premier LeagueTEL
227Liga MX (Studio)TEL
184Premier League (Studio)TEL
181La LigaESPND
171Liga MXFOXD
170Premier League (Studio)USA
169Premier LeagueTEL
135NWSL (Studio)ION
134Concacaf Champions CupFS2
129Liga MXTUDN
101UEFA Champions LeagueTUDN
85Concacaf Champions CupFS1
79Major League SoccerFS1
36Major League SoccerFOXD

... CBS Sports is not measured by Nielsen... many Leagues/Events now have a simulcast if on broadcast tv... exception; MLS simulcasts pay-tv... games downwind might be a bit inflated as I don't keep up with everything that might be in 4/5 figures... no count qualifier (didn't eliminate single games or studio shows)... No, I don't have streaming data, Peacock is really the only net that reports... after tracking this stuff for nearly 5 years I believe streaming nums are sub-50k... MLS games involving Messi and his debut in 2023 would be the exception of course... US data only.


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