Sunday, April 10, 2022

I'm a Troublemaker at Heart

By: David Burgin

(owner of a youtube channel full of poorly sung acapella songs

Let the "super" clubs of Europe and the UK form their own league.

I so very much want to see the vast majority of supporters of football smile and wave goodbye to those clubs and their owners. The remaining clubs (the 99%) would bask in the glory of a renaissance of league football, battles of promotion and relegation, a whole new group of clubs qualifying for the Champion's League. Supporters, kids with dreams, old ladies and old men, the heart and soul of football ascending once again to their rightful place.

In football, the person is the sport. The sport is the person. The people as one are the life blood flowing through the five year old in the street, the teen fighting for a place in his age group's first team, the magician in the top flight, and the supporters in scarves and hats, singing while arm in arm.

Within a few years, the breakaway clubs would be begging to be allowed back. The answer... A loud F'k off.

Can we please see this happen?!? Please!

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