Saturday, September 19, 2020

MLS Player Ratings, update

Here's a positional list of the top players according to my Helltown Player Rating System*. This system uses traditional stats ("box score") and mixes them with playing time and team position on the overall true table. Basically, if you are filling the box score and playing a lot on a good team? You'll do well here. This system was created to help me get to the better players fast without wasting my time endlessly sorting tables. It works!

Anyway, here we go. As of last night (September 18).


Player ScorePlayer Name(TEAM)
10.00Gyasi ZardesCLB
9.82Raúl RuidíazSEA
9.25Kacper PrzybyłkoPHI
9.10Jordan MorrisSEA
8.56Diego RossiLAF


Player ScorePlayer Name(TEAM)
9.26Alejandro PozueloTFC
8.66Cristian RoldanSEA
8.25Darlington NagbeCLB
8.25Brenden AaronsonPHI
8.24Alejandro BedoyaPHI
7.97Ján GregušMIN
7.95Nicolás LodeiroSEA
7.91Jamiro MonteiroPHI
7.64Sebastian LletgetLAG


Player ScorePlayer Name(TEAM)
8.83Jonathan MensahCLB
8.29Kelvin LeerdamSEA
7.80Graham ZusiSKC
7.78Omar GonzalezTFC
7.72Harrison AffulCLB
7.67Reto ZieglerFCD
7.59Ray GaddisPHI
7.55Anton TinnerholmNYC
7.44Mark McKenziePHI


Player ScorePlayer Name(TEAM)
8.56Stefan FreiSEA
8.05Andre BlakePHI
7.72Pedro GalleseORL
7.39Quentin WestbergTFC
7.22David BinghamLAG

*SINCE 2011, the oldest and longest-running player rating system in MLS

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