Saturday, March 21, 2020

Top Rated Crew Performances

Last week I covered the only perfect "10.0" for Crew players since WhoScored started recording it in 2013, so today I'm just going to list the top 20 Columbus Crew performances since WS started tracking.

20171210.00Justin Meram
201536-P9.91Kei Kamara
201669.86Justin Meram
2018349.74Gyasi Zardes
201699.62Kei Kamara
2015339.62Federico Higuain
2016129.53Ola Kamara
2016289.50Ola Kamara
2014339.40Aaron Schoenfeld
2015249.39Kei Kamara
2013249.33Federico Higuain
201579.28Ethan Finlay
201835-P9.24Federico Higuain
2013299.20Chad Marshall
201735-P9.20Zack Steffen
2017189.17Federico Higuain
2013279.15Justin Meram
2019169.15Pedro Santos
201529.13Justin Meram

This is out of 3,553 tracked game performances. That's the top 0.5% listed above. Justin Meram and Federico Higuain are tied at 4 each in the top 20.

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