Saturday, December 14, 2019

Crew Roster Dec. Snapshot

According to the lastest info I have, Columbus have 22 players on the roster. Three total "DP's" (one "young DP") and four official international players.

As far as the team budget goes? I'm not going to take time digging into it right now with the next CBA agreement coming soon. I will say that the core part of the team is basically in place. I'd expect one more notable signing before the season starts, but that's about it.

It looks like, to me at least, that Caleb Porter will let Nagbe do the heavy lifting this year in the middle and run with a 433 type look that looks more like a 4141 in possession.

Diaz is a valuable piece for this team, but I think inconsistency will keep him on the bench for long spells.

MLS teams carry between 26-32 players at any given time. I think Columbus will keep a short roster around 26-28 this year to save money leading up the opening of the stadium next year. I'll note that there are a lot of contracts ending this year. The team will likely look completely different before long, so we are looking at a lumpy season ahead.

All I got for now.

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