Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Best Teenagers in MLS, 2019

Jesus Ferreira (18, F, FC Dallas) and James Sands (19, CB/DM, NYCFC) top my list of performers 19.5 years of age and younger. Jesus is the son of David Ferreira, who some might remember playing for FC Dallas 2009-13. Sands is a player NYC have been nursing for a couple years.

Playing some of the younger talents was a point of emphasis this season after a handful of critical comments must have found their way to corporate office ears.

How I rated players is simple:

1. Age: have to still be a teen at season's end
2. WhoScored Rating x Helltown Rating = Player rank

(Transfer Markt value in 000)
18.6Jesus FerreiraFCD1512$70,250Santa Marta, Colombia750
19.1James SandsNYC1225$105,000Rye, New York800
18.8Brenden AaronsonPHI1260$95,809Medford, New Jersey800
18.8Edwin CerrilloFCD828$100,250Waco, Texas300
18.0Julian AraujoLAG649$86,250Lompoc, California200
19.5Chris DurkinDC595$104,167Hampton, Virginia500
18.0Cole BassettCOL865$84,000Littleton, Colorado600
17.2Gianluca BusioSKC530$90,000Greensboro, North Carolina800
17.1Efrain AlvarezLAG355$75,606Los Angeles, California600
18.8Frankie AmayaFCC826$172,000Santa Ana, California300
18.2Thomas RobertsFCD237$138,000Little Rock, Arkansas100
16.2Danny LeyvaSEA188$89,872Las Vegas, Nevada150
19.3Aboubacar KeitaCLB335$110,000Columbus, Ohio50
19.1Andrew CarletonATL64$97,400Powder Springs, Georgia450
16.8Griffin YowDC59$76,368Clifton, Virginia100
18.1Bryan ReynoldsFCD61$70,250Fort Worth, Texas100
17.3Alfonso Ocampo-ChavezSEA82$85,750Fresno, California100
16.5Ricardo PepiFCD18El Paso, Texas0
18.9Mathias JorgensenNYR117$306,250Hundested, Denmark1,000
17.9Justin HaakNYC4$56,250Brooklyn, New York100
17.0Sebastian AndersonCOL272$80,917Sacramento, California200
19.3Michee NgalinaPHI9$56,250Kinshasa, DR Congo175
18.5Luis ArriagaRSL4$56,250Santa Rosa, California75
17.4Gilbert FuentesSJE2$92,000Tracy, California75

FC Dallas has a good track record of playing younger players, it's no different this season. They lead the way with five. Outside of Ferreira, you see that James Sands, playing both as CB and DM and Brenden Aaronson, MF, are making regular contributions to good teams (NYC and PHI are currently 1 and 2 in the standings). Here are the ratings:

18.6Jesus FerreiraFCD6.805.5838
19.1James SandsNYC6.864.8533
18.8Brenden AaronsonPHI6.494.3928
18.8Edwin CerrilloFCD6.613.1721
18.0Julian AraujoLAG6.972.8920
19.5Chris DurkinDC6.642.6718
18.0Cole BassettCOL6.392.6317
17.2Gianluca BusioSKC6.532.2415
17.1Efrain AlvarezLAG6.402.1614
18.8Frankie AmayaFCC6.591.7812
18.2Thomas RobertsFCD6.381.7211
16.2Danny LeyvaSEA6.471.5110
19.3Aboubacar KeitaCLB6.431.4910
19.1Andrew CarletonATL6.071.368
16.8Griffin YowDC6.131.348
18.1Bryan ReynoldsFCD6.061.358
17.3Alfonso Ocampo-ChavezSEA6.181.228
16.5Ricardo PepiFCD6.161.207
18.9Mathias JorgensenNYR5.951.227
17.9Justin HaakNYC6.071.147
17.0Sebastian AndersonCOL6.191.057
19.3Michee NgalinaPHI5.870.966
18.5Luis ArriagaRSL6.070.916
17.4Gilbert FuentesSJE6.220.815

This is sort of a high-level look, but there's enough here to lead to some digging. Especially with the players towards the top of the list.

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